Kashmir Art Quest is an international contemporary art foundation based in Srinagar, Kashmir, founded and managed by Syed Mujtaba Rizvi. Kashmir Art Quest stages art experiences around the world, with a primary focus on the promotion of Kashmiri artists globally, the creative economy, development of the infrastructure for the arts, and to try and create a situation in Kashmir where an international art scene might exist. The organization has executed some of the most innovative & challenging artistic projects globally. Our initiatives have been the fundamental driving force for the revival of the contemporary art scene in Kashmir.

ANNUAL CONTEMPORARY ART SHOWS: We have been organising a grand contemporary art show each year since 2010, showcasing, on an average, over 300+ artworks by 50+ artists in each show.
INTERNATIONAL ART EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES: Online exchange programmes with institutions in Europe, Asia, & North America showcasing Kashmiri artists abroad and international artists in Kashmir. Accompanied with talks and online conferences.
ECONOMIC LINKAGES: Due to the lack of patronage for the arts in Kashmir, we have been working for the promotion of creative & cultural entrepreneurship, and to facilitate economic linkages between businesses and artists. An important step for financial empowerment of artists.
INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIPS: Over the years we have partnered with some of the most important national & international organisations, institutions & universities for greater international outreach and connections.
ARTISTS’ RESIDENCY PROGRAMMES: Hosting artist residency programmes to encourage & facilitate national & international artists to visit and work in Kashmir, often in collaboration with local communities and artists
EDUCATION AND WORKSHOPS: Educational workshops and community engagement programmes organised independently, in association with artists or schools across the state to promote art education and awareness.
ART FILM SCREENINGS: We have been a part of the worlds’ largest art film screening event in collaboration with Puma.Peace and continued to host several art-film screenings to educate and promote a critical dialogue amongst the artistic community.
ONLINE EXHIBITIONS & OUTREACH: In recognition of the power of technology to transcend geographical limitations, we actively make use of digital platforms that has helped us reach millions of people worldwide.
TRAVELLING PROJECTS: Keep the canvas Rolling, a project that has travelled to over 15 international cities over the last 5 years has been described as “one of the most innovative artistic projects of our days.” Artists from around the world are interpreting Kashmir visually.
ACADEMIC RESEARCH: We are constantly assisting Masters, Doctoral, and post-doc scholars from institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, TISS, JNU, DU and many more to consolidate a wide body of academic research about art and artists in Kashmir.
INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS NETWORK: To foster partnerships and collaborations that outlive us and continue to grow on their own it is fundamental for Kashmiri artists to be a part of an international artists network. Therefore, every artist who has ever been a part of our projects will also become a part of an open online directory. Think of it as a social media platform for artists, curators and patrons around the world to connect with Kashmiri artists and the vice-versa.