"It's nothing, I just tripped and fell into my own condition."

“I wanted to reflect on the continuous bombardment of visual imagery showing human suffering in different parts of the world and our slow but continuous desensitization to such imagery. I wanted to make drawings central to this body of work with reference to the works of Austrian artist, Egon Schiele. Egon's difficult and controversial work exploring the attempt to seek appeal in the ugly (through the human body) despite being a protégé of Gustav Klimt (who produced grandiose, 'beautiful' paintings) is something that I feel is similar to my situation – an artist based in one of the most beautiful places in the world, yet continuously witnessing human suffering and tragedy on a daily basis. The context of my work is contemporary, a political one – a response to personal accounts and the continuous consumption of content emerging out of regions of war and conflict. How are my works 'difficult' in this process of global desensitization to such imagery?”

Medium: Ink, Watercolor, Charcoal and Acrylics on Paper

"There are prisons under my skin"

"I am heartbroken! I don't know why!"

"I can't endure my own power"

"I might seem a bit crazy, but I'm crazy only on the inside. Does it show?"

"It is important to look good at all times"

"Hold on, let me end this war."

"These selfies are archives of my memory."

"I'll just cook potatoes for dinner."

"Let me show you the world, son!"

"I swallowed your misery, and now its stuck down my throat."

"I am in a perpetual state of confusion, am I killing myself or do I like Ice-cream?"

"What's so funny?"

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