Using portrait as a medium I am trying to re-discover mothers who gave birth to "revolutionaries." Women - less celebrated, less remembered - who have been the backbone of movements that uphold human values and reject unjust occupations. We celebrate the "heroes" and celebrate their death as a symbol of our victory and 'use' their misery to propagate the continuation of a fight for truth, but we fail to even recognise the decay of these mothers. This series, I think, is more of a comment on our own social behaviour rather than the women themselves. And also trying to understand how we produce content from the disturbing part of our living memories - and how maybe even my own practice and production of these works probably become a part of the problem.

Three dead sons - Jana Begum - The Widow of Karim.

Woman with the copper earring - Parveena Ahanger

Shahmali Begum - Mother of Maqbool

Firdousa Farooq - Mother of Wamiq

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